Friday, June 24, 2011

New World and Old Systems

How much socialism is good socialism? Well, many Americans would say that the only good socialism is no socialism, that the world runs better without this kind of intervention from the government. They would be wrong, of course (roads, post-office, schools); however, there is an optimal level of socialism, given a kind of government. 

Looking at socialism now, we see it as causing financial and behavioral problems for our governments. We may be right. That reason we may be right is because our government is designed around itself, and it isn't designed around the people. It was designed for old problems in an old world. Now, in a new world, with new thought-technology (ideas), we are able to consider possibilities that we have never considered before. 

Our government should be redesigned around the best knowledge of behavior, democracy and promoting well being. Now, we just keep building on an old system of finances and government, and that is bound to topple. We need to redesign. Instead of fitting socialism to our current system, we should form a system around socialism. 

All of us want a better world: we don't want starving children, we don't want disease and we want there to be jobs for all. We disagree on how to get to that point--or whether it's possible--but, if we are to get there we need to do something new. If we try to create this with the old system, we are going to end up with corruption, waste and broken freedoms.  

We want for every one to be whole--mind and body--and we want every one to be productive: we want a government where everyone is able to contributes meaningfully to the group without eliminating anyones freedoms and creativity. We can do this, but we need to consider how to do it in advance. There is a best option. But, we need to engineer it---not just wait for it. 

The research is out there, but we need a culture, as society that prizes it and uses it. We need a people who want to apply it, and believe in a better future, while seeing it with realistic eyes. Democracy is slow and this change will never happen until Americans, and the world, is of one mind. We can be. There is a right way of the world. There is an answer. There is a system that works best, so we can unite people around the best knowledge, and so they can unite in mind. 

In order to unite our system of government and design it around the well being of all people, we need to unite America and the world through great education. We must design the world. We must design our people through giving them actual knowledge--not just indoctrination. Allow them to redesign the world through being changed in their minds through knowledge. This is the only way I can see us redesigning the world in a sustainable way. We educate our people very well, and they will see how it needs to be redesigned. 

We need to get out of an old mindset and out of an old system of government. 

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